UVA toolkit


Welcome to a site designed to help users solve problems from the UVa online judge.

You will find a database of keywords for my solved problems. This is very useful if you want to practice solving problems related to dynamic programming (DP), graph theory, number theory, computational geometry, or any other topic.

As a special feature you may submit test cases to any of the solved problems, and you will then immediately receive the solution to your test cases. By clicking on a problem you will get a form, where you can either upload your test cases or type them in. After pressing submit you will see the answer to your test case in another form, which you can to download as a text file if you wish.

Another interesting feature is that the ability to filter out problems using a text field. Using this feature you can quickly find all problems related to your current area of interest. For instance you might want to practice solving problems about dynamic programming. In this case you should search for the term 'DP'. You can also use this feature to single out the problem that you are currently solving.

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