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Thinking about starting your own Shopify dropshipping business but don’t know where to start? Here, we’ll go over how to immediately get into starting your own successful Shopify dropshipping business and how to avoid mistakes that beginners often make.

How Much Will it Cost?

With the Basic Shopify plan, your website can be up and running in 24 hours at just $29 per month. This does not include the various different plugins that can be purchased on the platform to help your business. While it will help your business to purchase the various different tools and plugins that Shopify offers, it is absolutely unnecessary to do so in the beginning as you first dip your toe in the water.

The biggest expense with dropshipping on Shopify will usually be Facebook advertising, which can range anything from a few dollars per day to thousands of dollars per day. The advantage of advertising costs is that it will work for whatever your budget is. Make sure to know exactly how much money you are willing to “risk” for Facebook advertising, as it oftentimes will take a lot of testing of various different ads to determine which one is the most profitable and bringing in the most high quality traffic.

Niche Store vs. General Store

There are two types of Shopify dropshipping stores, Niche stores and general stores. Neither one is more profitable than the other, but is recommended to start with a general store in the beginning. A general store can be thought of as a supermarket, as you can add as many types of markets and niches as you’d like. The advantage with this is that you have a single website to test virtually any product that you desire.

The advantage with a niche store is that you can put a lot of focus into one particular niche that has proven itself to be profitable. You can create a niche store if you are brand new to dropshipping, but it will be fairly risky for beginners as you have not had much experience with testing different markets on advertising platforms, such as Facebook. Think of a general store as your “training wheels” for learning how to create a niche store. Once you discover certain niches that sell very well and know exactly which types of keywords to market with, than you’ve discovered a winning scenario where you can focus on a niche that has proven itself to be lucrative.

The #1 Mistake that Beginners Make

The most common mistake that beginners make is trying to figure everything out on their own. Most people start taking action while consuming YouTube videos, consuming articles, or getting tips on Facebook groups. While anyone can eventually figure it out on their own, why not shorten the learning curve by learning from someone that already has a proven track record of success. Modeling is literally the fastest way for anyone to succeed at anything. Why spend days, months, and maybe even years trying to figure it out on your own when you can make a relatively small investment of money into a course that can potentially skyrocket your income to a level you never dreamed possible.


Dropshipping for beginners can be a smooth, easy process with the right guidance from a course, coach or mentor. Don’t waste your precious time and money and start investing into yourself. Any person on the planet can succeed with this business model. You just need to the right strategies, mindset, and guidance.