If you’ve started an ecommerce store, then you probably want to know exactly what to sell. The good news about dropshipping is that you can sell anything you want as long as there is a market for it.

If you’re not familiar with the word, dropshipping, it’s a method that doesn’t require you to actually have products in stock. Instead, your store will sell the product and then pass on the order to a third-party supplier who will ship it to the customer.

Getting Started

If you’ve never done this before, then it’s important to know how to find products to sell on your ecommerce store. Although there are a variety of options available to use, AliExpress dropshipping is one of the easiest today. You can import the product and images directly from AliExpress’s website to your store. You’ll have the freedom to set your own prices and markups. Their products are both varied and usually very inexpensive so you’ll make a great profit with patients.

Finding the Right Products

When you get started, you should choose whether you want to sell commoditized or niche products. Commoditized products are anything with a big brand behind it and niche product are usually unique and may even be handmade. Commodity products are usually better sellers but you can choose whatever suits your style.

Next, find products that are needed or popular. People are creatures of habit so it’s a good idea to choose products that often need replacing. A unique piece of pottery is great but it won’t be a repeat seller like a protein powder or even clothing.

Also, do your research to find upcoming trends. Keep up to date on social media and follow people who are “influencers.” When they like a product and start to promote it, you can start selling it early. This will increase your sales and make your store more popular.

What to Avoid

Although you won’t be losing money, you won’t make a high profit if you choose poor sellers. Always avoid products that are extremely expensive or extremely cheap. Extremely expensive items don’t sell well and you won’t make much profit on extremely cheap items.

It’s also a good idea to avoid being overly general with your store. Spend time on the design, theme, etc. You should have your own “brand” and stick with that. For example, if your brand is fitness, you could sell clothing, workout gear, and more. However, it would be extremely off brand if you suddenly started selling kitchenware.

Finally, make sure that you avoid items that have bad reviews or a bad reputation. Although you will make a profit, you won’t create repeat customers if they return the items purchased. You want to treat your store like a real store and care about what you’re selling. Avoid products that seem poorly made to have happy customers.

Final Thoughts

By using this basic guide, you can get started selling items on your ecommerce store. Use these dos and don’ts to start off strong and have a healthy business. It’s fairly simple to keep up to date with these tips.